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Choice #1 Does that look like a life to you? Get real ! Can't you see the coffin? If you see a baby you got to be a pro-life crazy. It's just a blob of fetus.
Liberals Chat Room
Raise taxes now!
Taxes aren't high enough!
Criminals have to be understood!
Gore -Tipper kiss makes be giddy!
Pay for the sins of the country!
Better to abort than force a kid to live in this country and this world!
I believe Anita
and don't believe Brodderick!
Give peace a chance!
        flowers not guns!
It takes a village to raise children, parents can't do it!
The flag represents oppression!
Patriotism is racist!
Don't make non-Americans feel bad, take down the flag!
Be terrorist's friends!
        They aren't so bad!
  It's America's fault for 9-11 !
Make love not war!
Terrorists are people to!
  They have rights!
Liberal and proud!
    We're a citizen of the world!
     Not proud to be American!
Catching illegals is terrorizing them! Shame on us!
Pot smoking is a lifestyle choice!